Toronto’s Best Shawarma

No doubt you’ve daydreamed about shawarma. From the moment you spot it skewered enormous on a vertical kitchen spit marinating like a meaty totem of patience and dedication, it hypnotizes. It’s a spell that’s broken (albeit only temporarily) upon devouring every juicy morsel. Before your next craving hits, brush up on where to satisfy it with this list of the city’s best.

Sort-of Secret: This excellent shawarma stand is hidden in the back of a convenience store

The saj next to the stack of Coke cans is the clearest sign that this is no ordinary variety store. The domed griddle is used to make unleavened Levantine flatbreads for the Flaming Stove, the restaurant counter at the back of the Hasty Market at Yonge and Davisville—the kind of place you’d easily miss unless you popped in for some gum or a lottery ticket.


The Flaming Stove is an unassuming local haunt that's tucked into the back of a Hasty Mart near the corner of Davisville and Yonge Street. A hidden gem for lunchtime specials, local office-dwellers flock to the back of this convenience store for their daily assortment of fresh sandwiches, salads, samosas, and fruit juices. View Video


Flaming Stove is Toronto's Midtown go-to spot for Saj Shawarma and Falafel made to perfection


Flaming Stove is Toronto's Midtown go-to spot for Saj Shawarma and Falafel made to perfection

Restaurant Guru

Nicely cooked chicken wraps, chicken shawarma and falafels will impress you at the first bite. It's time to try good halva. At this restaurant, you can get a takeout. Most guests highlight that the staff is appealing here. Terrific service is something visitors like here. Prices are attractive for the quality you receive. Google users are quite generous with Flaming Stove: it was granted 4.6 stars.
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